Products & Services

Representation & Distributions

We Distribute and Represent in Panama, The Caribbean, Central and South America, health-related brands and products from everywhere in the world.

Global Search

We search globally, products and equipment that are in urgent need. We search the products and deliver them to our clients, complying with all the legal and handling requeriments.

Turnkey Projects

We design, build and manage Inpatient, Outpatient, and Retail pharmacies. We have more than 11 years of experience. We based our work in the guidelines of Joint-Comission.


We offer consulting services for pharmaceutical companies, distributors, and pharmacies (Inpatient, Outpatient, and Retail).


We take care of the whole registration process. Registering not only the products, but also the brands.

Telemarketing & CallCenter

We sell and follow-up our products thru this particular system.